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Love it!
First of all, the shipping was super quick. I ordered on Sunday and got it by Tuesday. Really pretty chair and super comfy. No more back and neck pain from long hours on the computer! Definitely recommend
Cool and Comfortable!
I was tired of switching between the 2 office chairs that I had so I ended up buying this one. Literally got it yesterday and I will say that I am in love!! The instructions were a little hard to read because the text was blurry but I was able to figure it out. It’s so comfortable, and its also helpful when it comes to supporting my back, also I love the design!! My favorite part is the bomb’s gloves which say “KO”.
Love the chair!
It’s comfy, I can sit in it all day. If I recline it I will fall asleep! The only down side is my partner now wants one. Currently she steals my chair whenever I turn my back

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@autofull Finally found the perfect chair that every gamergirl would love! #gamergirl #cosplay #autofullcinnamorollchair #fyp ♬ 原声 - AutoFullgamingchair
@autofull AutoFull × Sanrio Cinnamoroll. Comfortable,adorable,Unbelievable. Follow us to get more details.#autofullgamingchair #gamingchair ♬ original sound - AutoFullgamingchair