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What Desks Are Used for Esports?

by bai xuanlin 24 Feb 2023

With the continuous development of e-sports, many players have begun to notice esports gaming desks and gaming chairs that can improve the gaming experience in addition to monitors and consoles. Some people will say that the computer desk I use now is not bad, and there is no problem. However, when you replace your computer desk with an esports gaming desk, you will feel the difference between the two desks.


1. More space for esports gaming desk


Compared with the computer desk, the esports gaming desk is one word worse, but the actual experience is different. The esports gaming desk pays more attention to practicality and player experience. When purchasing an esports gaming desk like a pink gamer desk, it will be equipped with a water cup holder, a headphone holder and a custom mouse pad. These small designs provide more space, allowing you to enjoy yourself without restraint.


2. The esports gaming desk has good stability


The esports gaming desk has good stability. Usually, the esports gaming desk uses carbon steel material as the table legs. This material is used as the table legs, which is durable and has good load-bearing performance. Manufacturers take player needs and usage into consideration when choosing table leg materials. The weight of an ordinary computer desk is 15 to 30KG, and the desktop space can only accommodate the monitor and keyboard. The stability is not enough. If it is used for a long time, the structure of the desk is not stable and it is easy to shake. The load-bearing capacity of the esports gaming desk is 60 to 100KG, the width of the table is longer, and many esports gaming desks will add an F1 balance bar to increase the stability. A triangle is formed between the table board and the table legs to increase the stability.


3. Cool design of esports gaming desk


With cool RGB lights and cool design. Ordinary computer desks do not have light strips, but esports gaming desks allow players to create a sense of atmosphere during the game, so that players have an immersive feeling and can better integrate into the game. Even just using it for work, features like its unique carbon fiber textured panel feel new and special. You could also buy gaming desk online, which is quite convenient.


When a gamer upgrades from an ordinary computer desk to an esports gaming desk, he will no longer choose a computer desk, because the experience brought by the esports gaming desk will become addicted after one use. If they want to change the table in the future, these gamers will continue to choose to buy esports gaming desks, and they will choose more advanced functions, such as esports gaming desks with lifting functions and ergonomic curved panels. With continuous improvement and development, the esports gaming desk will have more and more functions.

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