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An Esports Chair Versus a Normal Chair

by bai xuanlin 20 Feb 2023

Nowadays, many people are more interested in the quality of life, even if they are playing games or working, they want to buy a good chair to sit more comfortably. However, there are many types of chairs on the market, such as the gaming chair is one of them, so they don't know what kind of chairs is better to buy? After understanding the difference between gaming chairs and ordinary chairs, you may not be confused about which one to buy.


1. Comparison of appearance between esports chairs and ordinary chairs


Ordinary chairs have various shapes, but most of the colors are relatively simple, for example, the ordinary computer chairs mostly are black, white or blue. But most gaming chairs like white blue gaming chairs give people a strong visual effect, the overall shape is fashionable and atmospheric, not only first-class in practicality, but also first-class in decoration. The gaming chairs realize the perfect transition from pragmatism to neo-visualism, so many young people, anchors, game players, etc. like to buy such chairs.


2. Comparison of comfort between esports chairs and ordinary chairs


Compared with ordinary chairs, esports chairs add more humanized design. Such as the most important "sitting" feeling of the chair, the feeling sitting on a brick and sitting on a sofa are completely different. The thick cushion used in the gaming chair makes you feel like sitting on a cloud, without any burden of your butt, naturally it will not press your legs and cause our blood doesn't flow. While the ordinary chair is basically meet simple sitting demand, and some still don't have lifting and other functional adjustments, which will be very uncomfortable after a long time sitting.


3. Comparison of performance design between gaming chairs and ordinary chairs


For example, gaming chairs basically have backs, foot supports and armrests, and their flexibility is beyond the reach of ordinary chairs. Like the back of the gaming chair can be adjusted back from 90 to 160 degrees, and it also has a leisure function, when you work or play games for a long time, you can adjust the back of the chair to rest at any time, and the comfort is better. Different from the shelf armrests of ordinary chairs, esports chairs adopt 4D armrests, widened skin-friendly and soft surface, 7-fold direction adjustment (up and down, left and right translation, left and right rotation, and front and rear translation), which can be adjusted to a comfortable angle according to the position of our hands completely. The second part is the foot support, sitting for long periods of time will lead to poor blood flow in our legs, so the design of the gaming chair is very important, it's equipped with a retractable foot support, pull out the foot support and put down the back of the chair, this not only can let us have a rest when we are tired, but also can be used as a nap chair.


Generally speaking, gaming chairs have many functional designs and are more complex, so the cost of consumption is also relatively high, and the price is also higher than most ordinary chairs, like the price of ordinary chairs made of plastic is much lower than that of gaming chairs. But for sedentary people, the esports chair is a good choice.

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